Divorced man steal his wife before the money also bet on money after the introduction of gamblers

Police said to the cheese
World Cup came, four years of football dinner, the fans are very happy. In addition to watching, we sometimes buy a foot color, of course, some people bet on a variety of gambling sites. The former is a music and this year's game, so that the latter became a tragedy. In 2002, 24-year-old Ms. Wang married her older than 9 years old, wedding life is still sweet, but did not last long, the old chapter some of the bad habits gradually revealed. In May this year, the two decided to divorce. After the divorce, the old house ready to re-decoration, the mother called Ms. Wang to her home to take away. July 5, Ms. Wang to the old chapter. "I put the bag in the living room, and then to the room finishing things. A few minutes later I came out, his mother said, 'your package on the outside, will not he turned over ah? You see.' I see wallet , 5100 yuan into 4100 yuan. "Found less money, Ms. Wang hurriedly in the balcony is ready to go out of the old chapter shouting:" You are not took my money, the money back to me! "Heard his ex-wife's Shouting, old chapter head did not return, immediately ran away. Ms. Wang alarm. July 7 morning, the old chapter was captured. He confesses to the crime. Originally, a few days ago he saw the World Cup, owed people 6000 yuan, patchwork also 5,000 yuan, the rest is really not on. See his ex-wife to organize things at home, the package on the living room, then the heart of evil stole took 1,000 yuan. At present, the case is under further investigation. After the money into the introduction of gamblers into the end of January 2013, cheese (a pseudonym) through the introduction of a friend called "auspicious Square" gambling site, which is not only sports tournament gambling, the player can also participate in the video through baccarat, Dice treasure, dragon and tiger and roulette and a series of gambling projects. Born a good bet on the cheese immediately charge money into the site, not long before he lost forty or fifty thousand yuan. According to the cheese account, he later created a "lucky building" group, there is an official customer service contact him. "You can send a link to the development of 'auspicious Square' members, the other successful registration of 'auspicious Square' members to participate in gambling money, you can take the other 30% of the amount of money lost profits." The official customer service to the cheese. See the profitable, cheese readily agreed. Since January 2013 so far, he developed 346 members, involving a profit of up to 460,000. July 8 at 10 o'clock, Hengxi police station according to the network police to provide clues to the successful capture of the suspects cheese. "Your behavior will face criminal detention!" Police station, the police said to the cheese. After the hearing, kept to the police begged hope to put him in a horse, "I had intended to complete the end of this year, and now nothing at all." At present, the cheese has been under criminal detention by law, the case is under further investigation. Correspondent Hong Qianqiong Yu Shengqiong Hu Weijiong reporter Fang Lei

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